Embark on a reliable and efficient journey with

UNILAR INTL LOGISTICS CO’s Transportation Services in Saudi Arabia.

Designed for diverse business needs, our solutions prioritize timeliness, safety, and flexibility. With a modern fleet, we ensure your cargo is transported using the latest technology, whether for local distribution or long-haul transportation.

Benefit from our extensive network connecting key locations in Saudi Arabia and beyond. UNILAR’s transportation services create a bridge between you and your market, fostering business growth through efficient and reliable logistics.

Transparency is key—our real-time tracking and 24/7 online support provide visibility and prompt communication for your shipments. Choose UNILAR for Transportation Services that go beyond moving goods; we facilitate your business success through seamless logistics.

  • Cross border transport to GCC
  • LTL & FTL

Operating from Saudi Arabia, UNILAR INTL LOGISTICS CO offers comprehensive transportation solutions with LTL and FTL services. Opt for LTL for cost-effective sharing of space in smaller shipments, or choose FTL for dedicated truck space and expedited delivery for larger cargo volumes. UNILAR’s tailored transportation services prioritize reliability and flexibility in both options, ensuring secure and on-time delivery.

Choose UNILAR for Transportation Services that redefine efficiency and reliability, providing a seamless solution to move your business forward. Your journey with us begins here.



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